Simple Online Meeting Hacks

A meeting isn't always needed. Asynchronous communication can replace a lot of meetings.

Meetings should have a deadman switch and should be short by default.


Instant Seek Time SSD Could Change Gaming Forever

Your .com is going to cost over 30% more unless ICANN listens to the public and changes its mind. We created a tool to help you submit your viewpoint to ICANN. It takes 30 seconds! Use the tool here.

Verisign is the sole-source supplier of .com domain names at the wholesale level, giving them an effective monopoly. When you register or renew a domain name through your registrar, such as GoDaddy or NetworkSolutions, $7.85 of your registration or renewal payment goes to Verisign. The actual cost to Verisign to provide the expensive infrastructure and the management of the registry has…

Because it’s a break from whatever I am currently doing.

We all need it, and we are fools if we act like we don’t.

We’ve been talking about electric cars and renewable energy sources for decades, and the volume of that conversation (and number of participants) has grown dramatically in the last decade. Chances are good most people in your circle could name at least one fully electric or hybrid electric car coming from the major auto manufacturers.

The names likely to come to mind include the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt, and of course the company and car that injected the momentum into the electric car industry — the Tesla Models (S/X/3).

Not likely, though, that they’ll mention names like Evelozcity, Karma Automotive, Fisker…

The concept of co-living isn’t new despite the exploding popularity. It’s springing up in major “work” cities around the U.S. like Washington D.C., New York and San Francisco but co-living knows no borders.

It’s becoming a necessity for some, a way of life for others. And for entrepreneurs they’ve found a way to transform this growing trend into a booming business.

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TL;DR: It does sound like the Paypal horror stories.

At the early stage of my business, I used one Stripe accounts for several, distinct sites to consolidate online stores. One (an online merch store that I bought, which was most likely targeted by fraudulent chargebacks from items that we already shipped out) had a higher dispute rate than average threshold. Account gets closed. Stripe offers me to just open a new account, but had no concern that my Atlas dashboard would disappear as well, even though they say Atlas dashboard would still be there.

Their lack of responses made the…

As of May 2018, Google’s domain registration branch is now selling .app domain names.

Google bought the exclusive rights to the .app upper-level domain three years ago, and they’ve worked on it behind closed doors ever since.

However, that work has paid off big for Google, which now controls the sale and distribution of all .app domain names.

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Oculus Go — My favorite VR device of 2018 which I’m going to purchase

If you’re a gamer, then chances are good you’re aware that we’re on the cusp of significant change for the entertainment industry. The launch of the Oculus (and Facebook’s acquisition) along with healthy competition from the HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, and Samsung Gear VR have churned tremendous interest in virtual reality.

Unfortunately, consumer adoption has been slower than expected. A 2016 Virtual Reality Industry Report included a 10-year map with predictions showing, based on sales and performance, that it could be six to eight years before there’s mainstream adoption among consumers.

But VR has plenty of applications beyond consumer entertainment…

Viet York

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